Fernando Lanças – ACD / Art Director

2020 Corolla

Starting with the Hatchback campaign to change perception about the Corolla family, we created an ode to our target and how, with their actions, they are shaping the world around them.
The expression of their identity and the mix of cultures brings to life that unapologetic side of the Hispanic culture that is resonating in the mainstream. From the song “Despacito” to the movie “The Shape of Water”, Hispanics are leaving their mark everywhere they go.

And they like it!

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Agency: Conill
Director: David Vergés
MusicSonido Antro


What a better way to reach our target audience than to partner up with Latinos that are making it in the USA. People like Ricardo Gonzales aka It’s A Living, whose murals spread our message across multiple cities and numerous events; Brenda Equihua that with her fashion is not only taking the Latino culture to the runways of NY and LA, but also to the world. And finally, the talented Diego Luna, that after finishing up Star Wars and the Netflix show Narcos, decided to join our project and becoming the voice of the TV spot and videos.

2020 Corolla - talent

iVideos - feature driven content

We also created short format videos to describe the highly complex and technical topic of the security features of the vehicle with a little humor.
And we also brought a unique sense of fashion rooted in an insight, the colchas San Marcos, which is a staple of any Latino household.


By partnering up again with Mexican muralist @ItsALiving, we took over the Toyota Manufacturing plant in Blue Springs Mississippi and created a mural that showcases the spirit not only of the campaign but also of the people that makes the 2020 Corolla.

This was Toyota’s gift to their employees reinforcing how great they are and how much what they do matters to the brand.


PR video (3 minutes) interviewing employees at the plant about their idea of ‘greatness’.

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