Fernando Lanças – ACD / Art Director

Corinthians EPIDEMIC

Corinthians is a Brazilian football club with more than 30 million fans. The team was going to play the FIFA Club World Cup finals against Chelsea and our challenge was to make the club known around the world and, at the same time, convey its fans passion for the team.
Based on how Corinthians fans refer to themselves as being “insane for Corinthians”, we invented a disease: locospirosis.

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Agency: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi (Brazil)
Director: Lucas Fazzio
MusicSatélite Áudio

Press Kit

Press kits with an “infected” jersey and medical reports with information about Corinthians were sent to the local and foreign press, alerting about the epidemic being spread.


Through a website, people could follow the proliferation of the virus in real time.
By getting the user’s IP address or browser location, each one that opened the website became an infection dot in the map.
And the infected ones could confirm and share the pride of being locopositives by issuing a vaccination card certifying the disease.


And, yeah, Corinthians’ fans really are crazy. We received emails asking for the Epidemic logo in vector to be tattooed. Yep, that’s right: real life tattoos. Some people were kind enough to let us film the process.

PS: the last one is a mockup we used in the film – which, most likely, gave them the idea.

Tattoos found on Google when searching for the campaign name.


An when searching for the campaign name online I found lots of counterfeit products showing how the audience deeply embraced the campaign.

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