Fernando Lanças – ACD / Art Director


Toyota wanted to change perception for Corolla and embrace a younger target. The best opportunity to do so was the launch of a vehicle that hasn’t been seen for more than 20 years: the Corolla Hatchback.

Under the concept “Greater Than” we used the unexpected launch to state that minorities (our Corolla Hatchback) when summed up are greater than the majority (common cars). To do so in a celebratory way, we created an anthem-kind of spot where we portray minorities that prevail over the majority of people.

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Agency: Conill
DirectorAlbert Uría
DoPKhalid Mohtaseb


To engage with our audience in social media and the digital space in general we created 15 second spots, as well as interactive pieces.


For an innovative approach to mobile media we created 15 second games that would be served to our target when playing free mobile games.
To leverage the gaming universe we adapted our visuals as well as the interaction for these pieces in order to give users a fun and non-intrusive experience while playing a game on their phones.

(better experience on mobile phones and tablets)

AR experience

In order to allow the audience to see and interact with the product in a different way, we created the first AR unit in the industry that doesn’t depend on an app.
Launched as a banner, the experience allowed users not only to see the car, but also walk around it, zoom in and turn it around to explore every aspect of the vehicle.

(better experience on mobile phones and tablets)


In order to start tapping in the tuning and racing space we used the boldness of Corolla Hatchback along with drifting drivers Jhonnattan Castro and Fredric Aasbø. To make it as real as it gets we created a reality-TV-style social event where 2 Hispanic car shops from East LA would get a Hatchback each and tune them with limited time and budget for our drivers to race, live, on Facebook. For the content to look natural to the platform we kept the visuals looking “organic” stepping away from looking like advertising.


The song for this campaign – that got stuck in your head – was co-created with an up and coming Dominican/Brazilian singer and songwriter: Jarina de Marco.
As we wanted this campaign to feel real and natural to our audience, we invited her to write a song that would translate what means to be so unique, so she graced us with Única. Check her work on YouTube.

Besides appearing as a quick cameo in our Anthem video, the partnership worked so well that Toyota decided to extend it’s integration with the artist bringing her to the Toyota Música ambient where the brand sponsors upcoming artists as it did in the past with J Balvin.


In order to embrace our concept in a broader way we partnered up with Telemundo to launch our song and our artist, Jarina de Marco, during the Latin American Music Awards.
To do so Telemundo produced a music video for our song Única where we portrayed minorities that were part of our campaign.
The song is available for streaming on Spotify, iTunes and the music video can be watched on YouTube.

Light test by our DoP, Khalid.

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